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Is the laundry part of your regular business routine? Do you wash clothing or other items on a daily basis? Have you noticed a change in the way your dryer is operating? Is there a sudden increase in your energy costs? This could be due to an excessive accumulation of lint in the dryer vent system or the dryer unit. Lint build-up can lead to a drop in the air velocity of the exhaust system, which can put your dryer at risk for fire as well as decrease its level of efficiency.

At Dryer Vent Doc Cleaning Today, our qualified dryer vent technicians provide numerous benefits to business owners. Firstly, you can greatly reduce the risk of fire on your premises with our thorough and professional dryer cleaning and inspection service. Secondly, as an added benefit, improved dryer system efficiency will save you a great deal of time, energy and money. Your company will benefit greatly by putting these resources to better use!

Clean dryer vents result in shorter drying cycles, which saves you time and energy. Less energy used on drying clothes means lower utility costs. Typically, clean dryer vents can save up to $25-30 USD a month on energy bills. As a bonus, shorter drying times case less wear and tear on both clothing items and the dryer unit itself.

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Sign That Show You Need A Dryer Vent Doc Cleaning Services

Longer drying cycle

Typically, clothes dryers should not take more than one cycle to fully dry a load of clean laundry. If your dryer is taking more than one cycle, it is an indication that your vents need to be serviced. Contact us online or via telephone to schedule an appointment for dryer vent cleaning!

Burnt or Musty Odor

Have you recently noticed a musty or mildew smell in the laundry room while the dryer is running? This could indicate that there is a clog due to an excess accumulation of lint or some other type of obstruction (such as a bird nest) in the dryer vent system. If so, you should call us for commercial dryer vent cleaning.

A Very Hot Dryer

Please note: If your dryer is hot to the touch, the laundry room is excessively hot, or your freshly dried clothes are hot, it is a sign that the vent is not releasing hot air properly. This is a fire hazard and must be resolved as quickly as possible! Call us immediately to schedule dryer vent cleaning.

Lint at the exit opening of the vent

The outside dryer vent is designed to let the hot air from your dryer safely exit your commercial property. However, if lint is escaping along with the hot air, it is a clear indicator that the dryer vent is clogged or obstructed. You need to call for professional dryer vent service straight away.

Your last dryer vent cleaning routine

Has it been more than one year since your dryer vents have been professionally cleaned? If so, call Dryer Vent Docs Today immediately to schedule an appointment for full service. Our professional services can prolong the life of your dryer, protect your clothing and other items, lower your energy costs and most importantly, help prevent fire!

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